Module 1

This module is for a basic introduction to the stock market. Even if you have invested in the stock market, just skim through the content. It will help you to refresh the basics before we proceed further. 

Module Structure

What is Stock Market

What is Stock Market?

To run a business, you need funds. When the idea to develop and run the business is small, you can arrange the funds required from your savings, borrow from family & friends or take a personal loan.

On a side note - I will recommend strongly against taking a personal loan for starting a business. 

But, when the funds required are big or you don't have that much money to ask within your close circle, you can go to a bank for a business loan. 

The problem with taking a loan is that you owe that money to others. This is an additional pressure to manage along with developing and running the business. 

How about an alternative of offering a partnership/share in your business? In exchange for the person bringing funds for the company and in return getting a share in profit. A win-win situation. 

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