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By Harshit Patel

July 9, 2021

Stock Market Trading is not an activity that can be done by everyone, and it requires a lot of effort and patience to succeed. Everyone who would like to learn about stock market trading should go through these 7 best Stock Market Discussion Forums in India  to increase the learning and trading experience.

India’s stock market has attracted a lot of attention since it hit an all-time high a few years back. But just because the market has gained a lot of popularity doesn’t mean it is easy to get into. In fact, the huge volumes of orders and messages on the exchanges could make it a daunting territory for even the most seasoned traders.

List of best forums to discuss stock market in India in 2020 : One of the easiest ways to learn something new is to participate in discussions. The same rule applies when you are trying to learn to trade or invest. If you are new to the world of stock market and looking for the best stock market discussion forums in India to start with, you are on the right page.

In this article, we bring you a list of top seven forums to discuss the stock market in India, where you can ask your most exciting questions or share your ideas/knowledge with other investors and traders. In all these forums you will find active discussions on stock market investing, trading, investment strategies, stock selection, IPOs, mutual funds, taxes, personal finance and much more.

Moreover, all these forums are FREE, so it doesn’t cost you anything to register and participate in interesting discussions in these forums on Indian stock market.

7 best forums to discuss the stock market in India

Here are the seven best forums in India for a healthy discussion on investing and trading in the stock market:

1. Tradergy

Traderji was founded in 2004 and is one of the oldest and most popular forums for investors and traders in India.

This platform has over 1.8 lakh members who participate in various streams in the stock market, derivatives, commodities and forex in India. According to the statistics on this site, there are over 59,300 threads and 1,202,464 posts on this forum.

The most popular categories in the Traderji forum are beginner’s guide, general trading and investing discussions, technical analysis, forum to discuss mutual funds, tools and resources.

Here is a quick link to join the Traderji forum.

2. Questions and answers on trade

Trading Q&A is a renowned online discussion platform for traders and investors supported by Zerodha, India’s largest discount broker. There are thousands of active members on this forum, where you can get answers to all your trading questions and share your knowledge with other traders.

In the Trading question-and-answer section, you can ask questions about intraday trading, derivatives, commodities, investment strategies, broker valuations, algo trading, Zerodha and its products, taxes, IPOs, etc.

Here is a quick link to join the trade and Q&A forum.

3. Discussion forum

The discussion forum is an online forum for a community of investors and traders who are passionate about the stock market and want to learn, ask questions and share their skills, thoughts and knowledge. This forum is ranked among the top 9 online personal finance and trading forums in Asia by Fintech Singapore News.

In the ‘ Forum, you will find discussions on categories related to investing and trading in stocks, fundamental analysis, mutual funds, IPOs, personal finance and money management.

Here you can participate in the forum for free by reading/writing answers to existing questions or by posting your own questions by simply registering on the forum.

Here is a quick link to join the forum.

4. Forum ValuePickr

One of the most active forums for discussing the stock market in India. ValuePickr’s tagline – Separating the wheat from the chaff – focuses on examining a company’s business quality, management quality, execution and business performance.

Here you will find topics on stock market opportunities (hidden gems, untested but worthy category, top 5), investment strategies, questions and answers, investor tools, investor education, books and more. You can gain a lot of knowledge about the Indian stock market by simply going through the topics and questions.

Here is a quick link to join the forum.

5. Stock Adda

Stock Adda is an Indian community for stock investors where you can get information like stock ideas, investment strategies, news, market movements, books, etc. and also discussions on stock market.

In addition, on StockAdda you can create a stock portfolio or view a ranking of members’ portfolios by daily and total return (%). Overall, this is a great platform for social traders/investors.

Here is a quick link to join the forum.

6. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Forum

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Stocks Talk Forum is another popular forum to discuss the stock market in India.

First of all, I want to clarify that this site is inspired by and not endorsed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, one of India’s most successful investors in the stock market.

In this discussion forum you can find topics in categories like stock investing questions, stock pics from wizards, portfolios of famous investors, stock tips, interviews, articles, etc. You will find more than 3250 topics in this forum.

Here is a quick link to join the Rakesh Jhunjhunwal forum.

7. Bse2Nse

Bse2Nse is another popular Indian forum for trading stocks, FnOs and commodities. Find discussions about stock trading, investment strategies, broker reviews, IPOs, mutual funds, etc. They also have a separate section on chart analysis, which can be very useful for technical traders.


Short note
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Here is a quick link to join this forum and discuss the stock market.

Final thoughts:

In this article, we have discussed the seven best forums to discuss the stock market in India. Before I end this article, however, I want to give you one last piece of advice.

All of these forums are set up by active contributors who are willing to share useful ideas and answers. Please keep your posts related to the forum category and do not spam! If not, you will be removed from the forum by the administrators and moderators. Have respect for others and don’t pay attention to the little things.

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So much for this post. Please comment below if you are a member of any of the above discussion forums, or if you plan to join one soon. And if I missed any great forum on Indian stock market that deserves to be added to this list, post it below in the comments section. Cheers and good day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best forum stock discussion?

The best forum stock discussion is the stock discussion on the forum that has the most members.

What is the best stock advice website?

The best stock advice website is https://www.fool.com/investing/stock-advice.aspx

Where can I invest in stock forums?

You can invest in stock forums at StockForums.com.

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