About Trader’s Pit: Rohit

about trader's pit - rohit malik

Trader’s Pit (referring to old style of trading in stock market when the place where trader’s used to stand and trade was called the pit) is product of more than 12 years of working in stock market now.

In these years I have seen the crash of 2008 (right after, when I started) to the highs of 2018. I have indeed learned a lot from the market.

But Trader’s pit is not only about stock market. Being a finance professional, I have worked with many other avenues of saving money the smart way, building income online and putting your money to work. All this so that you can have the financial freedom to live your life.

I am Rohit. The guy behind Trader’s Pit. I have been in finance field for since end of 2008 – till date. By qualification, I am MS (Finance). The course was tough. Yet, I am glad that it did. It introduced me to the world of trading and investing.

Before this course, I did my graduation in Computer Science. A job and then appeared for Civil Services exams. My optional in Civils were Public Administration and Economics. The love for numbers and statistics related to finance started from there. And I am still not clear why I enrolled directly for MS in Finance. a bad itch from the habit of preparing for civils I can say :).

Now, after the course, and then spending more than a decade in the field I can confidently say that I haveĀ expertise in Investment Analysis, Trading system development & Personal finance planning.

I am passionate about learning, applying & teaching about ways to save more money and invest to create wealth. This comes from the fact that I am an avid reader. Here is the list of few books which I recommend to anyone planning to earn more money. Not only from stock market but also from side gigs.

I am now an ex-trader (though I still dabble to study charts), investor and ever learning student of the market. I started my trading and investing journey in 2007-08  and the journey has been richly rewarding. This is what prompted me to share my learnings. I have benefited a lot from nice people who took time to answer my queries and I try to repay that gesture with this site.

In 2016, I took the break from active trading in futures and moved over to hedged fund management. Apart from that I also coach, mentor and train new entrants in the stock market about trading, trading system development, risk management and how to make their system profitable.

Trader’s Pit is part of my journey to present this information in easily digestible format.

One more reason for this website is that, you need money to invest and grow. Besides, if you have skills and resources why not to earn more money?

For any feedback or to share your opinion please mail me:-  rohit (at) traderspit.in

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