This is Rohit. The guy behind Trader’s Pit. I have been in finance field for good 11 years now. I am MS in Finance. I have my expertise in Investment Analysis, Trading system development & Personal finance planning.

I am passionate about learning, applying & teaching about ways to save more money and invest to create wealth.

I am now an ex-trader (though I still dabble to study charts), investor and ever learning student of the market. I started my trading and investing journey in 2007-08  and the journey has been richly rewarding.

I can say with certainty now, that you don’t need any formal education in Finance to be able to make money from stock market.

Trader’s Pit came into the picture last year when I took the break from active trading. Now, I coach, mentor and train new entrants in the stock market about trading, trading system development, risk management and how to make their system profitable.

Apart from that, I like to share money saving hacks, and other ways to generate extra income online on Trader’s Pit. I believe when you have access to good resources and have time, then why not to earn something extra as well as save what you can.

A healthy discussion always raises the quality of the thought process and increases the cumulative wisdom about the market. For any feedback or to share your opinion please mail me:-  rohit (at) traderspit.in

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