Zerodha vs Angel Broking: Stockbroker Comparison

By Harshit Patel

Zerodha vs Angel Broking: Stockbroker Comparison | Now that you’ve been sucked into this article you are probably wondering, “Why should I go with Angel Broking?” We at Angel Broking believes in providing our customers with the best brokerage services, which is why we have partnered with the world’s most successful online brokerage services – Zerodha.

We all have different financial goals and different timelines. To help you decide which broker is best suited to your needs, we have compared two of the most popular brokerages.

Comparison of Zerodha vs Angel Broking: Zerodha and Angel Broking are two of India’s best and biggest discount brokers. In this article, we will compare Zerodha and Angel Broking by looking at their brokerage fees, account opening fees, maintenance fees, expiration margins, trading platforms, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

This comparison between Zerodha and Angel Broking will highlight the main differences between these two stockbrokers and help you choose the best one according to your preferences.

Zerodha Intro

Zerodha vs angel broking

Founded in 2010 by Nitin Kamat, Zerodha is India’s largest stockbroker. It is ideal for traders and investors looking for low brokerage fees, a simple interface and a reliable trading platform. The company has over 2.2 million customers representing over 15% of daily trading volume on the BSE, NSE and MCX.

In terms of brokerage fees, Zerodha offers zero brokerage fees for investments in supply shares and direct investments in mutual funds. A fixed brokerage fee of ₹20 is offered for all intraday, F&O, FX and Commodities trades on NSE, BSE, MCX, irrespective of the volume of trades. So, if you use Zerodha as your broker, you can save significantly on the brokerage fees of your transactions.

Angel Broking Intro

zerodha vs angel broking

Angel Broking, founded in 1987, is a great brand with +30 years of experience in the brokerage business and +1 million satisfied customers. They are present in over 1,800 cities in India and have a strong network of over 8,500 sub-brokers. Angel Broking offers trading services in stocks, F&O, commodities and currencies on the BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX.

Angel Broking has traditionally operated as a full-service broker, offering its clients interest-based brokerage fees for over two decades. However, they have recently (November 2019) changed their business model from percentage brokerage to fixed fees to compete with fast-growing discount brokers like Zerodha, 5Paisa, Upstox etc.

Angel Broking now offers a brokerage plan at a flat rate called Angel iTrade PRIME. Shop here with free shipping. And for all other segments i.e. intraday, F&O, FX and commodities, they charge a flat rate of ₹20 per trade. The same simple proposition applies to all exchanges and segments.

One of the main advantages of trading with Angel Broking is that it offers its clients investment advice, guidance and assistance in investing in the stock market. They also offer their clients free business research reports and many other useful tools and services.

Zerodha vs Angel Broking Compare

NameZerodhaAngel Broking
About the siteZerodha is India’s largest stockbroker with over 1.5 million clients and a daily trading volume of over 10% on NSE, BSE and MCX. Zerodha is based in Bangalore and offers brokerage services for delivery transactions and a flat rate of 0.03% or Rs. 20 per transaction for all other segments.Angel Broking, founded in 1987, is a great brand with +30 years of experience in the brokerage business and +1 million satisfied customers. They are present in over 1,800 cities in India and have a strong network of over 8,500 sub-brokers. Angel Broking offers free deals with delivery and a flat fee of Rs 20 for all other deals.
The companyPrivatePrivate
# active clients on NFB (November 2019).9,09,0084,12,809
Real estate agencyDiscount brokerFull service brokerage with fixed interest rates
Supported exchangeNSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEXNSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX
Overview of brokerage activitiesFree for exchanges with delivery and Rs. 20 for all other transactionsOffers with free delivery and a flat fee of Rs. 20 for all other offers.
Services offeredEquities, derivatives, currencies, mutual funds and commoditiesEquities, derivatives, commodities, currencies, PMS, life insurance, ETFs, IPOs and mutual funds.
Costs for opening an account200 rupeesRs. 699 (currently at a reduced price).
Start-up costs for trading commodities100 rupees0 rupees
Annual maintenance costs300 rupeesRs 450 (from the second year onwards)
Trading platformOnline trading platform Kite 3, Kite Mobile, Kite Connect API, Console, Pi, Sentinel, CoinAngel iTrade, Angel Broking mobile app, Angel SpeedPro, Angel BEE
Brokerage fees  
Supply of capitalFreeFree
Intraday actionsRs. 20 per transaction or 0.03%, whichever is lower.20 rupees per transaction
Shareholders’ equity Future reservesRs. 20 per transaction or 0.03%, whichever is lower.20 rupees per transaction
Provision for share optionsSalary of Rs. 20 for every completed order.20 rupees per transaction
Future costs of foreign currencyRs. 20 per transaction or 0.03%, whichever is lower.20 rupees per transaction
Expenditure on foreign currency optionsRs. 20 per transaction or 0.03%, whichever is lower.20 rupees per transaction
Provisions for raw materialsRs. 20 per transaction or 0.03%, whichever is lower.20 rupees per transaction
Minimum brokerage fees0.03% MinimumFixed fee 20 rupees
Appeal and negotiation costs20 rupees for each completed order20 rupees extra for each completed order
Proposed margin  
Delivery of share marginNo margin on delivery – Cash and giro paymentUp to 3 for cash shares
Intraday margin on sharesUp to 20x (in shares)Up to 6x
Equity futures with marginIntraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry – 100%(1x) of total margin.Up to 10x (buy/sell)
Stock options on marginIntraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry – 100%(1x) of total margin.Up to 10x (sales) and 3x (purchases)
Trade marginIntraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry – 100%(1x) of total margin.Up to 5 times
Forward foreign exchange transactionsIntraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry – 100%(1x) of total margin.Up to 8 times
Currency optionsIntraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry – 100%(1x) of total margin.Up to 8x (sales) and 3x (purchases)
Count 3 in 1Yes, with the IDFC bank.No
Research and adviceNoYes
Brokerage calculatorYesYes
Scope calculationYesYes
education and trainingYesYes
Interactive diagramsYesYes
Shareholders’ equity CashYesYes
Equity Margin (Equity F&O)YesYes
IPO ServicesYesYes
Consultative robotNoYes
Other featuresDirect investment in mutual funds, API Kite, Sentinel, Streak, Sensibull.Research Reports, Portfolio Management System (PMS), Insurance
ForNo brokerage commission on offer transactions, Simple and fixed brokerage model in all other segments, Excellent trading platforms, Easy and fast online account opening, Direct investment in mutual funds, Maximum brokerage commission of Rs. 20 lakhs.Free trades with delivery; full service brokerage with fixed fee; services offered in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, IPOs, PMCs, life insurance; personalized trading assistance; robo-orders, high margin.
ConsNo stock tips or research reportsAngel Broking does not offer 3-in-1 accounts, higher service fees
Action/AwardShare trading with free delivery and Rs. 20 lakhs or 0.03% discount on brokerage fees for all other transactions.Open an account now for FREE (100% non-refundable)
WebsiteQuick link to open an accountQuick link to open an account

* Disclaimer: All pricing information is from the website published by the stockbroker as of 02/08/2023 and is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. Account opening fees, margin, etc. may change from time to time depending on the broker’s active campaigns, so it is advisable to check the broker’s website for the latest updates.

Closing thoughts

Both Zerodha and Angel Broking offer their clients low (fixed) brokerage fees and fast trading platforms.

Zerodha is the largest discount broker in India with over 22 lakh customers, which naturally adds credibility and value to the brand. Moreover, Zerodha’s innovative initiatives like training center (Varsity), free direct investment in mutual funds through COIN, investment in IPOs from the same dashboard, partner portals like Streak, Sensibull, etc. create additional value for customers.

Angel Broking has built its reputation on over 30 years of experience in the brokerage industry. Angel Broking is a full service broker and offers many more segments than Zerodha, such as portfolio management and life insurance services. Another notable advantage of Angel Broking over Zerodha is that it offers research reports and personalized advice to its clients, which Zerodha does not.

Overall, Angel Broking is a good alternative if you are looking for a full range of services such as investment advice, research reports, robo-advice, PMS, etc.

However, if you want to trade/exchange yourself but are looking for the necessary add-ons like training platform, Free Sensibull access, Streak, etc. and a user-friendly and innovative trading platform, Zerodha is the best broker. Zerodha offers a few more benefits than Angel Broking for independent traders and investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Zerodha or Upstox or Angel Broking?

Zerodha is better than Upstox and Angel Broking.

Why Zerodha broking is better than any other?

Zerodha is the best broker in India and the world.

Which broking firm is the best in India?

The best broking firm in India is ICICI Securities.

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