​​​​My trade set up

I trade only in a couple of instruments now and that too is mostly swing or trend trading. But I still follow the same system and set up to trade as I used to do when I was trading full time, not long time back.

Why I share my live trades?

Because I don’t want to claim that I am right 100% of the time. Maybe there are traders who are, but I am not. And I don’t trade 15-16 instruments at a time to say that I am right most of the times either.

Focus on selected instruments has worked best for me. You need to experiment and see what works for you.

Most of trader’s don’t share their live trades, for a number of reasons. You do what works best for you. Keeping my trade journal open, makes me accountable. This is very important.

So, you will find a link right on the home page with access to my live trades (open for all, for now). You are welcome to send your feedback and comments.

The trade tools

I have accounts with 3 brokers. But for trading,  I use Upstox & Zerodha. You can read my detailed review of them here. They have there but more or less it works for me.

Apple MacBook Air:  No, This is not because I am an apple fan. I value the deals which provide me value for money, and in my opinion, Apple products are generally overpriced.

This one I got when the big India sale was going on. And at this price, this laptop with such battery backup was a steal. Haven’t had any issues with it till date. To be honest, for my Amribroker, I still use my Lenovo Laptop

Any computer that provides good keyboard, screen and battery backup is fine for the trading purpose.

Investing.com ( Indian Edition):  The interface is clean, ads are minimal and the charts are good. This along with screener.in are my alerts to foresee any trade opportunity.

I have a licenced Amibroker with me, that I used to use with real-time data. Amibroker is quite good. And even now, I sometimes use it to backtest any trading setup that I need to develop.

Google Alerts: I use this effective service to look for news/articles that have come up with regards to let’s say policy announcements, recent studies released or something similar. Google alerts put in all together in a single mail, which has proved to be easy to follow when different publications follow news differently.