India Infoline IIFL Securities Review

By Harshit Patel

India Infoline is one of the best brokerage and trading company in India. They are also providing complete services for opening Demat account, mutual fund account, fixed deposit account, fixed income accounts, issuance of scrip bonds, commodity finance and commodity finance products, etc. For more details, you can visit

The Stock Market is a huge financial hub that is hard to manage and is well-known for scamming. It is a dangerous track in the financial world. But there are many options to manage the market, and one of them is through the Demat account. With the Demat account, you can manage your investment portfolio in a safe and secure way. You can invest in the stock market through the Demat account, but you need to keep an account open with a brokerage firm. It will help you buy and sell stocks in the market safely and securely.

A comprehensive guide to testing IIFL titles: IIFL Securities is one of the largest retail brokers and is part of the IIFL Group, India’s largest financial services company. IIFL Group has a reputation as a leading financial services provider. IIFL Securities has built its own brand in the booming Indian economy, from online trading and investing to well thought out advisory services. There are few stockbrokers in India whose in-house research and advisory services are awarded among all others, and IIFL Securities is one of them.

This overview article provided to you serves as a comprehensive guide and enables you to study IIFL titles from start to finish. In our IIFL Securities review we look at the origins of the company, the level of commissions, why it is advisable to trade through IIFL, what the disadvantages are, what other products and services it offers outside of exchange services, and much more. Let’s get started.

Introduction to IIFL


A former commodities trader at HUL quitting his job to become a billionaire may seem unrealistic to you. But the truth is that Mr Nirmal Jain, the founder of IIFL Holdings Limited, gave his company a well-known brand name when he established IIFL Group in 1995. On his initiative, one of the country’s first online shopping sites was established in 2000.

A quick look at his education makes one wonder how he managed to get a double degree: a diploma as a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a master’s degree in business administration from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad. Another feather in his cap – he is a qualified cost accountant by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

He originally started the company as an equity research firm, but gradually diversified its products and services. Today, the company offers life insurance, stock brokerage, mutual fund distribution, commodities, fixed deposits, loans, IPOs, bonds, NRI services and other financial services. IIFL Securities is popular with retail investors and is present in almost every major city. It also has offices around the world, including Dubai, New York, Colombo, London, Mauritius, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s launch of the Financial Inclusion Programme has supported Mr Jain and encouraged people to invest in equities. The company was able to increase its investor base after the program. IIFL Securities is part of the IIFL Group, one of India’s largest financial services companies offering wealth management, consumer finance, asset management and personal finance services. He points out that the knowledge he gained during the CA course, especially in accounting and law, helped him become a successful real estate agent, which ultimately led to him becoming an inspired entrepreneur.

The full service broker is present on the NSE, BSE, NCDEX and MCX. Their experience in providing specialized products and services across the country and abroad has earned them great trust from their customers. They have also established a well-trained, professionally structured customer service team that is available anytime, anywhere to answer investor questions.

With its excellent trading services, the stockbroker has created its own brand not only in the field of trading services but also in all types of financial services. The company received the award for Best Broker with a Global Presence of the BSE IPF. The company has also launched a retail trading platform, 5Paisa, which offers discounted brokerage services.

IIFL account opening fee

India Infoline (IIFL) charges Rs 750/- including GST for opening an account under the standard plan, Demat AMC is free for the first year.

  • Standard fees for opening an account : ₹750
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC) : ₹400

Securities dealers’ scheme

IIFL offers a variety of brokerage plans: Flat Brokerage Plan (FBP), Variable Brokerage Plan (VBP) and Value Added Subscription Plan (VAS). Below is a list of fees for all these plans, including brokerage and transaction fees, account set-up fees and other related costs (Source: IIFL About Brokerage Plans page).

– Fixed brokerage plan (FBP)

Intermediate enterpriseTariff
Infra daily on both sides0.05%
Calculation of the (normal) delivery _0.50%
Trade for trade and Z-groups0.75%
Intermediate services (FUCHERS) on both sides0.05%
Brokerage (OPTIONS) Minimum1% of the premium or Rs. 100/- per lot, whichever is higher.
Minimum per share BrokerageRs. 0.05

– Variable Brokerage Plan (VBP)

1) The amount of money available for delivery: Brokerage applies to both parties

Monthly volume (litres)Birth rate (%)
20 October0.35

2) Intraday monetary volume : Brokerage applies to both parties

Monthly volume (litres)Percentage (%)

3) Volume futures : Brokerage applies to both parties

Monthly volume (litres)Intraday (%)Population (%)

4) Volume of the options : Brokerage applies to both parties

Monthly premium volume** (in Lc)Intraday (%)Population (%)Minimum brokerage rate per lot (intraday)Minimum brokerage rate per lot (calculation)
Up to 4 lacquers2.52.5100100
20 October1.751.7580100

** The premium volume is (premium* lot size* number of lots)

– Value-added subscription plan (VAS)

Subscription plansStandard planV1000V2000V5000VASV10KVAS
Value added Subscription fee (Rs.) (a)Zero10002000500010000
Tax on goods and services (in rupees) (b)In line with current ratesIn line with current ratesIn line with current ratesIn line with current ratesIn line with current rates
Commission for opening an account (c)Rs. 750/-**ZeroZeroZeroZero
Initial margin ©^ Total margin control (a+b+c)     
Mediation in deliveries0.50%0.25%0.15%0.35%0.25%
CM Intraday Trading Broker – Any Leg0.05%0.03%0.02%0.04%0.03%
Futures brokerage – every stage0.05%0.03%0.02%0.04%0.03%
Intraday trading Brokerage Futures – each leg0.05%0.03%0.02%0.04%0.03%
Trading Options Broker – Every Leg1% of the premium or Rs. 100/- per lot, whichever is higher.1% of the premium or 70 rupees per lot, whichever is greater.0.50% surcharge or Rs. 60/- per lot, whichever is higher.1% of the premium or Rs 90/- per lot, whichever is more.1% of the premium or 70 rupees per lot, whichever is greater.
Minimum brokerage fee per share (Rs.) (delivery, futures and intraday cash)
Period of validity12 months1 month1 month12 months12 months

Key features of IIFL Securities

Here are some of the best features that IIFL Securities offers when trading through its platform:

  1. IIFL’s advanced technology makes trading and investing easy and convenient for users anytime, anywhere.
  2. A team of experts produces well-researched reports, charts, tips and advice to help investors make effective decisions.
  3. The platform is quite easy to use, so no special training is required for new investors. Anyone using the service will be able to easily understand all the features and investing and trading will become very easy for everyone.
  4. Tailored advisory services are provided exclusively to each client and the firm attracts more clients as a result.
  5. They also offer customer-oriented brokerage plans based on the needs of every investor and trader, whether a regular investor or an active trader.

IIFL products and services

To remain competitive, the company has launched numerous products to expand its reach and address some of the challenges. Below is a summary of what each product offers:

Products : The range of products offered by IIFL includes shares, commodities, currencies, options, futures, mutual funds and currencies. The Company’s primary objective is to meet the financial objectives of its investors in an efficient and effective manner. For added convenience, the brokerage offers support for transactions and related reports. They also offer customized products based on the needs of individual investors.

Services : The wide range of services offered by the full service broker includes demat, trading, intraday, IPO, equity advisory and portfolio management services. The company is known for offering personalized services. Ongoing management support helps investors maintain a strong portfolio base. All transactions are processed through a technology platform that allows investors to easily track their holdings. Most of their users appreciate the expert consulting services, with research reports and analysis.

IIFL Research and Consulting : The company is known for its consulting and research services. These include fundamental reports, company reports, annual reports, IPO reports and other periodic reports. They also offer a daily market overview and reports on company stocks.

IIFL Markets application: One of the best trading apps, it offers its users a smooth trading and investment platform, as well as online research reports and advice on the stock market, round-the-clock customer support and much more.

TT website and desktop trading software: The website and desktop software are specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of the users and provide easy access to transactions through the website and PC software.

TT Iris: TT Iris, which costs Rs 54,000 per year, is aimed at frequent traders. This decision support software allows investors and traders to explore real-time market information and offers custom charts, portfolio optimization, candlestick scanner, strategy testing and price tracking.

IIFL Mutual Fund App : This smartphone app allows users to buy, sell, create SIPs and track mutual fund performance online. You can also open an account online without submitting any documents. Equipped with latest updates and news alerts related to the industry, the app is an indispensable tool for any investor who wants to invest in mutual funds.

Advantages and disadvantages of depositing with IIFL

When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of trading IIFL securities, the following are general advantages and disadvantages that may vary from person to person, as the needs and requirements of trading and investing also vary from person to person.

Advantages of IIFL Securities

  1. The evaluation and the expert report are available free of charge. They also offer advice and stock recommendations to their investors.
  2. IIFL titles are present in many major cities and also outside India.
  3. Their Trading Terminal trading platform offers advanced technology trading and investment solutions.
  4. They offer a well-structured team of customer service managers, and they also offer customer service agents for individual needs.
  5. They accept personal time deposits as collateral for margin financing.
  6. It is a unique solution for your business and financial needs.

Cons IIFL effects

  1. They do not offer a 3-in-1 service: Negotiation, demat and bank account
  2. Their brokerage commissions are relatively higher than those of other full-service investment firms.
  3. Subscription fees are non-refundable and the chosen brokerage plans cannot be changed during the validity period.
  4. No margin or brokerage calculator is offered to determine the cost of a particular transaction.


India Infoline (IIFL) is a well-known name in the Indian brokerage industry. In this article about IIFL Securities, we have tried to tell about what IIFL offers, the different brokerage commissions, the advantages and disadvantages and other important points that investors and traders should know before opening an account.

If you are new to the stock market and want to open your demat and trading account with India infoline (IIFL), you can use this link to go to the account opening page.

So much for this post. If you have any questions about India Infoline (IIFL) titles, please leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help. Have fun investing and trading.

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