Cover Order

What is a Cover Order? A Cover Order is a two-legged order where the trader simultaneously decides the initial buy/sell order (which can be the market order or limit order) along with the stop-loss order. … Read more

Current Ratio

Current Ratio is a quick analysis tool to check the near term financial strength of a firm. It measures the near term (1 year) ability of the firm to pay its liabilities. So, to correctly … Read more


Debt to Equity Ratio

Introduction Debt to equity ratio is one of the most commonly used financial metrics to gauge a company’s financial health. It is a measure of how much debt a company has relative to its equity. … Read more

MIS order on Zerodha Kite

MIS Order

What is MIS Order The full form of MIS order is Margin Intraday Square up Order. This means, that every order under this type needs to be squared off on the same trading day. If … Read more

ROCE – Return on Capital Employed

Return on capital employed (ROCE) is a financial ratio that can be used to assess how well companies are generating profits from their invested money. In other words, ROCE tells us if the company in … Read more

SL-M: Stop Loss Market Order

Stop Loss Market Order Stop-loss market order or SL-M order for short is a specific type of stop-loss order in trading terminals provided by few brokers. For example here is the screenshot of stop loss … Read more

square off

Square Off

What is the meaning of Square Off in trading? In trading terminology, square off or squaring off a position means making a trading position net-zero by taking the reverse trade. Or in other words, you … Read more