5 Best UPI Apps in India in 2021 (For Android Users)!

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July 9, 2021

Who would have thought that UPI (Unified Payments Interface) will be the most widely used form of payment in India in 2021? According to a recent report by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India), almost 54% of Indian users will use UPI in the next year; and this is expected to rise to 90% in 2021! With this amount of traction, UPI is set to become the most popular payment method in India.

This is a very exciting time for small investors. Now that we have smartphones, we can access all the financial information we need through these mobile applications. Since we can check our bank account balances and stock market prices on our mobiles, it makes sense to use UPI apps for our investment needs.

UPI’s list of top 5 apps in India by 2021: With Prime Minister Modi 2.0 returning in 2019, Digital India continues to take new steps. UPI payments have played an important role in this movement. Moreover, the national blocking by COVID-19 in 2020 has led to a huge increase in the number of people opting for online financial payments. During this period, the value of UPI transactions increased by 105% by 2020. In this article, we cover the best UPI apps in India for easy and quick transactions. But before we start, let’s try to understand what exactly UPI is.

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. UPI payments have evolved greatly and today the mobile app store in India is flooded with new and innovative UPI apps. Briefly, UPI is a real-time instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that facilitates interbank transactions by instantly transferring funds between two bank accounts on a mobile or web platform. With the development of UPI payment system, it is now possible to send money to anyone in the country in no time.

In any case, not all apps listed on the Play Store are equally good for UPI payments. In many cases, the interface of some of these UPI applications in India can be difficult to understand at first. Therefore, in this article we have selected the best UPI apps in India, which are easy to use and really worth checking out.

Top 5 UPI applications in India :

1. PhonePe – UPI payments, top-ups and money transfers

PhonePe tops our list of the best UPI apps in India. It is a revolutionary app that has made Indians trust online mobile payments. PhonePe not only allows UPI payments, but users can also top up, pay bills online, order groceries, shop, etc. – all in one application. In November 2020, Phonepe had a transaction volume of 868.40 million transactions worth 1,75,453.85 million rupees.

PhonePe also offers its customers various offers, rewards and cashback. With one of the simplest interfaces and the safest and fastest online payment experience in India, PhonePe is definitely better than most other UPI payment apps or online banking services.

Google Play Store rating: 4.4/5 with a total of 59,37,360 reviews.

Here is a direct invitation link to download PhonePe.

2. Google Pay (Tez) – simple and secure payment application

Google Pay, formerly known as Tez app, is the biggest and best app in our list of best UPI apps in India. In no time, this app has built a huge customer base in India. And it’s clear that a big brand like Google helped this app gain the trust of new and existing customers.

In November 2020, the number of Google Pay transactions reached 960.02 million transactions worth 1,61,418.19 million rupees. Google Pay allows users to securely send money to friends, pay bills, shop online, recharge or pay at a nearby cafe, etc.

The other really fun aspect of using Google Pay are the scratch cards. Every time users make a new transaction, they receive a gift card in the form of a scratch card. By scratching the card, the user can receive a gift in the form of money, which is immediately credited to the registered bank account. In any case, you will not be able to win a scratch card for every transaction, as the minimum amount and number of transactions are determined by the application. But if you are lucky, you can get rewards up to Rs 1 lakh.

Google Play Store rating: 4.0/5 with a total of 10.27,883 reviews.

Here is a direct invitation link to download GooglePay.

3. Paytm – BHIM UPI, money transfers and mobile top-ups

Paytm is a fairly well-known mobile payment app in India. In addition to Paytm Mall, the company also offers Paytm Wallet and Paytm UPI (which was launched in 2017). In other words, we can speak of a megastore because of the variety of products and services offered by this application.

Paytm users can perform almost all activities related to online payments through the app. That’s why it is by far the most used payment app and ranks third in our list of best UPI apps in India. In November 2020, Paytm had a transaction volume of 260.09 million worth Rs. 28,986.93 million.

Be it online payments, purchasing household items, groceries, booking train, bus and airline tickets IRCTC, movie tickets, paying LIC rewards, recharging your Metro card, buying gold, paying loans, paying e-checks and many more, everything can be done with this app.

Google Play Store rating: 4.4/5 with a total of 81,92,973 reviews.

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4. Amazon Pay

As of November 2020, Amazon Pay is the fourth most used app for UPI transactions. This month, Amazon Pay recorded a transaction volume of 37.15 million and a transaction value of Rs. 3,624.51 million.

The big Amazon brand has certainly helped Amazon Pay spread so quickly in India in a short period of time. Additionally, Amazon Pay has recently become a favorite among UPI payers thanks to its integration with most merchants and payment gateways, as well as its incredible cashback.

5. OHIM App

The BHIM app is the fifth most popular UPI app in India. BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), launched and managed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is a UPI initiative that enables secure, convenient and instant digital payments through your mobile phone.

In November 2020, the BHIM app had a transaction volume of 0.31 million and a transaction value of Rs 13.87 billion.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2/5 with 8,26,155 Total Reviews

Bonus: Several additional UPI applications in India

6. Freecharge – deposits and replenishment of accounts, UPI, mutual funds

Freecharge is another mobile app for online payments in India. It offers options like reloading mobile accounts, paying bills, sending or receiving money through UPI – after creating a UPI BHIM ID and linking a bank account. Moreover, the simple interface makes it seem quite easy to make UPI payments.

In addition, the Freecharge app allows you to invest in mutual funds, invest with SIPs, book movie tickets, shop for groceries, buy travel tickets, and so on, all with additional discounts and rebates.

Google Play Store rating: 4.0/5 with a total of 1,159,488 reviews.

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5. PayZapp – Deposits, bill payments and purchases

HDFC Bank PayZapp is the fifth app in our list of best UPI payment apps in India. It is a complete payment solution that allows you to pay with one click.


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With PayZapp, you can deposit money into your account, pay bills, make BharatQR payments, book travel tickets, make purchases, buy movie tickets, shop and much more. It supports mVisa QR, MasterPass QR and Rupay QR payments and is available to customers of all banks. Overall, PayZapp is a convenient, fast and secure app for UPI payments in India that is definitely worth checking out.

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9/5 – 383,392 total reviews

Other notable UPI applications in India

Here are some other notable UPI applications in India that you can check out:

MobiKwik – Reload, bill pay, instant credit, UPI, insurance

Google Play Store Ranking: 4.2
With a total of 1,439,427 assessments.

BHIM SBI Wage: UPI, reload, bill pay, food

Google Play Store Ranking: 4.2
With a total of 3,69,819 assessments

Kotak – 811 and mobile banking

Google Play Store Ranking: 4.4
With a total of 4,58,209 assessments

ICICI -UPI Bags, Wallets, Bharat QR

Google Play Store Ranking: 4.1
With a total of 1,47,135 reviews

JioMoney portfolio

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So much for this post. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite UPI payment app in India is. Have a nice day. On you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the safest UPI app in India?

The safest UPI app in India is Paytm.

Which UPI payment app is best?

There are many UPI apps available in the market. However, the most popular apps are Paytm, Mobikwik, and PhonePe.

Which UPI app is safe?

The UPI apps on the Google Play Store are safe to use.

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