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Welcome to trader’s pit

Hi, I am Rohit. I am an ex-trader, investor and ever learning student of the market. I started my trading and investing journey in 2008-09  and the journey has been richly rewarding. You can read more about me here.

Trader’s Pit is the product of my passion for the stock market and trading in general. Here you will find articles, regular posts about the market and investing views. You are very welcome to ask questions or question the viewpoint itself.

A healthy discussion always raises the quality of thought process and increases the cumulative wisdom about the market.

My wishes to you for profitable trading 🙂

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NIFTY – 2018 medium term view

NIFTY – 6th January 2018

It depends on the way you look at it, that either the new year has started or the last quarter of the current financial year 2017-18 is now underway.

With the market still being near the all-time high, a lot of conflicting viewpoints are there about the expected move of the market in next few weeks.

I was quite busy in last 3 months and hence was not able to post regularly. Now that I am free you will see quite some regular posts in coming days.

Moreover, with current tax planning requirements, you will have tax and investment planning related […]

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