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    Long term capital gains tax: Calculation Sheet

    By Rohit / April 15, 2018

    This calculation sheet is applicable on both equity and equity mutual funds. With Budget of 2018, we now have tax on Long Term Capitals Gains (which was earlier 100% tax free). Long term capital gain is gain you make from holding any equity or equity mutual fund unit for more than an year. The reason […]


    5 best Indian stock market apps

    By Rohit / April 11, 2018

    5 best Indian stock market apps to research faster & better Knowledge is power. This statement holds more true for traders and investors more than ever now. With multitude of companies, sectors, news and events, it has become important to to stay abreast with the latest financial news. This was limited to reading Economic Times earlier, then […]


    How much money is enough to make decent income from trading?

    By Rohit / March 25, 2018

    How much money is required to make decent income from trading? Every once in a while this is the question asked by new trader’s, both in trading forums as well as general forums like Quora. The question can be asked in any of the following variation: How much money is enough to make a decent […]


    NIFTY: The complete beginner’s introduction

    By Rohit / March 22, 2018

    NIFTY: What is it & how is it calculated? When you think about trading in Indian Market, or even investing in stock market in India, NIFTY is the word that you will read, right at the beginning. So, what’s NIFTY? National Stock Exchange Fifty or Nifty is the market indicator of NSE. It ideally is […]


    Market tanks: Nifty hovering around 10500

    By Rohit / February 6, 2018

    Market Tanks The downward flow of Indian stock market which started with the Budget speech, made worse by US market crash, is still going on. Though the market has recovered around 150 points from low of the day, there is still uncertainty about current trend. The low of the day for NIFTY was 10295.15, a […]


    NIFTY – 2018 medium term view

    By Rohit / January 6, 2018

    NIFTY – 6th January 2018 It depends on the way you look at it, that either the new year has started or the last quarter of the current financial year 2017-18 is now underway. With the market still being near the all-time high, a lot of conflicting viewpoints are there about the expected move of the […]


    NIFTY – 18th September 2017

    By Rohit / September 19, 2017

    NIFTY – 18th Sepetember [Views presented are my own. Please use them as such only. Research, plan and trade on your risk] SCENARIO As with the last post 2 weeks back, NIFTY didn’t break down and instead went on to be at higher high. NIFTY trading volume is doing good, which means market euphoria is […]


    NIFTY – 1st Sept 2017

    By Rohit / September 1, 2017

    NIFTY – 1st Sepetember [Views presented are my own. Please use them as such only. Research, plan and trade on your risk] After spending last one month between 9750 to 10000, nifty is now back again near the upper band of this range. The question is, will NIFTY break this range now to again touch […]


    How to earn money by trading options of NIFTY: Mini Guide

    By Rohit / August 29, 2017

    NIFTY Options   Options are derivative instruments, which gives the buyer, the ‘right’ to buy or sell a underlying security at pre-determined price. This price is called ‘strike price’ of that option. The price of option is based upon price of security, time to expiry of option and volatility in the security. This price in […]


    A trader’s view on how to make money from trading in stock market

    By Rohit / February 28, 2017

    Earning money in the stock market: At whatever level, when you get to know about the stock market, this is the most obvious question. When you ask about the possibility of earning money in stock market, you will be flooded with news, posts, advice etc. about both sides of opinion. People who lose money or […]