This is Rohit. The guy behind Trader’s Pit.

I am an ex-trader, investor and ever learning student of the market. I started my trading and investing journey in 2008-09  and the journey has been richly rewarding. By qualification I am MS in Finance, though I will say now that you don’t need any formal education in Finance to be able to make money from stock market.

Trader’s Pit came into the picture last year when I took the break from active trading. Now, I coach, mentor and train new entrants in stock market about trading, trading system development, risk management and how to make their system profitable.

Apart from that, I share my views about good trading and investing opportunities in the market on a regular basis.

I am a senior yoga teacher and trainer. My mornings and evenings are spent in practising and teaching yoga.

Now, trading and yoga may seem like an unlikeable combination, but it is not.

In reality, I have seen that a stable mind is the best nest for making a system profitable. The discipline of yoga is quite a parallel to the discipline of trading (and investing) too.

Trader’s Pit is the product of my passion for the stock market and trading in general. Here you will find articles, regular posts about the market and investing views. You are very welcome to ask questions or question the viewpoint itself.

A healthy discussion always raises the quality of thought process and increases the cumulative wisdom about the market.

There is plenty of free content on this site to help you improve your knowledge about stock market and become a better trader. I am process of creating curating a properly structured learning material that can help any new trader in being profitable in the stock market. Keep yourself updated by signing up for regular newsletter about the same.