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Welcome to trader’s pit

Hi, I am Rohit. I am an ex-trader, investor and ever learning student of the market. I started my trading and investing journey in 2008-09  and the journey has been richly rewarding. You can read more about me here.

Trader’s Pit is the product of my passion for the stock market and trading in general. Here you will find articles, regular posts about the market and investing views. You are very welcome to ask questions or question the viewpoint itself.

A healthy discussion always raises the quality of thought process and increases the cumulative wisdom about the market.

There is plenty of free content on this site to help you improve your knowledge about stock market and become a better trader.

Latest Post

NIFTY: The complete beginner’s introduction

NIFTY: What is it & how is it calculated?

When you think about trading in Indian Market, or even investing in stock market in India, NIFTY is the word that you will read, right at the beginning. So, what’s NIFTY?

National Stock Exchange Fifty or Nifty is the market indicator of NSE. It ideally is a collection of 50 stocks but presently has 51 (explained later) listed in it.

In simple words, this is a weighted average of a collection of main stocks being currently traded in the market. And this is what it mainly denotes, the average growth (or mood) of the market. […]

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